About me

I was born in Graz/Austria in 1976.
I first got in touch with Shiatsu in my early twenties, and I was immediately struck by the sense of getting a glimpse of what is going on behind the scenes right here, within my own body.
After attending university in Germany (München) I left for the 'big wide world', working in for 8 years in Ireland and then another 8 years in Belgium where I also attended the International School of Shiatsu and passed my final exams in 2016. 
After the birth of our son in 2017 I decided to return to Austria after 20 years abroad, and we settled in the town of Mödling. 
In order to start my Shiatsu business in Austria I had to attend more seminars here (guidelines differ from country to country) and passed another final exam, so now I have a Belgian and an Austrian diploma.

Further I have deepened my skills with the following seminars:

 - Nuad Phaen Boran (Traditional Thai Massage) with Andreas Pfletschinger (G)
 - with Shiatsu through your pregnancy with Gabriella Erber (AT)
 - Alchemy of the Wise Man with Dirk Oellibrandt (BE) 
- Alchemy of Man and Woman with Dirk Oellibrandt and Kathrien Laurens (BE)
 - Meridian Chikung with Dirk Oellibrandt (BE)

Shiatsu for me is a beginning of a journey that leads me on a path of deeper understanding my surroundings, my fellow humans, and myself.