Shiatsu in the office - Seated Shiatsu

I also offer Shiatsu in the office. The decision to bring Shiatsu into the world of offices stems from my many years of working in big international companies.

The massage takes place while sitting on a massage chair, in a room specially designed for this purpose. No massage oil is used. To change clothes is not necessary. A comfortable (long sleeve) T-shirt is an advantage. Clients with long hair please tie back your hair for the neck massage. 

Through acupressure, massage, mobilisation and stretching in selected regions of the body, the body's own regenerative capacity stimulated. During the treatment body and psyche are calmed and relaxed. Concluding stimulating grips and techniques strengthen vitality and increases concentration.

A session takes 15 or 25 minutes.

Upon request I can offer session of 25 minutes or longer also on the massage table.

Effects of regular seated Shiatsu:

·         Prevention and relief of neck and shoulder tension, back pain and migraine

·         Strengthening of the nervous and immune system

·         Strengthening the ability to concentrate

·         Stress and tension relief


Long-term effects

·         more creativity

·         more motivation

·         more ability to concentrate at work

For queries about prices and general organisation, just contact me.