Shiatsu is an ancient massage form originating from Japan.

This type of massage is based on the ancient knowledge of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Basically Shiatsu stimulates the so-called meridian system, which probably best translates as the energetic highways of the body.

The Ancient Chinese came to the conclusion that every organ and its function is being fed from these energetic highways. These run circular, meaning that each function feeds the following and each organ depends on the health of all the others.

While the techniques are similar to those of an ordinary massage, Shiatsu stimulates also the ability of the body to restore inner balance and strengthen the immune system. The possible fields of application of Shiatsu are very diverse.

Here is a selection:

·         Stress, tension and headaches

·         Support in the recovery phase after injuries / operations

·         Chronic diseases

·         Psychological complaints

·         Digestive disorders

What does a Shiatsu session look like? 

A Shiatsu session lasts 60 minutes. Each session begins with a conversation where complaints, wishes and goals of the recipient are defined and confirmed with a diagnosis according to the 5 elements of Traditional Chinese Medicine. I work on the clothed person, whereby the treatment is individually tailored to the condition of the recipient

The treatment itself takes place on the mat, on the massage table or partly on the massage chair (max. 30 minutes).

To achieve balance the meridian system is being treated. Also gentle stretching and mobilisation can be applied.

Shiatsu is suitable for people of all ages. It works preventively against diseases or with already existing illnesses, but is also often used for relaxation and the increase of the well-being.
A series of regular treatments is recommendable, because it supports the body more profoundly, especially with problems thaat have minfested themselves over a long period of time.

A few hints for the treatment:
It is best to arrive a couple minutes before the agreed time.
Please avoid food and alcohol right before the treatment.
Bring lose clothing and, if possible, avoid make-up and jewelery.
Please put your phone on silent.


Shiatsu in Austria is a trade and does not belong to the health system. A Shiatsu session does not constitute medical treatment and does not replace a visit to a doctor.

General terms and conditions


1.Appointment arrangements 

- Written, oral and registrations by telephone are binding.

- Participation in individual lessons is at your own risk. There is no liability assumed for direct or indirect damages or consequential damages to

person or property.

-       In case of late arrival the session will have to the shortened by the corresponding period. I ask for your understanding for this measure and your punctuality.

- For participation in Shiatsu sessions you declare your agreement with these general terms and conditions.



- The fee for individual sessions are to be paid by bank transfer.

- I recommend blocks of 10 should be used up within maximum 12 months, blocks of 5 blocks to be used up in a maximum of 6 months.

- For accounting purposes the amount due at the latest 7 days after invoicing.